My name is Rob Duell. I am a freelance Artificial Intelligence/Software Engineering Professional living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I enjoy challenging opportunities to professionally apply my scientific and IT development skills.



I have extensive experience in software development and management at the team, group, project, department and company level. Up to today, I have been successfully responsible/accountable for over 2000 person-years of IT development effort. I have initiated and directed large software development innovation projects; these projects improved overall IT quality, productivity and time-to-market with factors of 4 to 10. I have considerable experience in (international) contract negotiations, both with industry and government organisations (in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and USA).


I have provided teaching services (on Lifestyle Informatics and Behavioural Dynamics) and presentations (on Behavioural Dynamics and Software Engineering) at the Amsterdam University College (The Netherlands), the VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Seoul (South Korea), Lausanne (Switzerland), Koblenz (Germany), Washington D.C. (USA) and Johns Hopkins University/APL Maryland (USA).


My scientific background: a Cum Laude Master's degree in Computer Science with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence/Knowledge Engineering, and a Doctor's degree (PhD) in Computer Science with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence.

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KvK number: 52433250

BTW number: NL001296380B07